Our Staff

Head Teacher

Mr Kaufman


Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs Karan & Mrs Fox



Mrs Sakels – Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Karan & Mrs Parker- Year 1 teachers

Mrs Goth – Year 2 teacher

Mrs Jones/Miss Cuthbert – Year 3 teachers

Miss Hird – Year 4 teacher

Mr Naylor – Year 5N teacher

Miss Carter – Year 5C teacher

Mr White – Year 6 teacher


Support staff

Mrs Rowley

Mrs Swift

Mrs Plant

Mrs Dutton

Miss Phillips

Mrs Hall

Mrs Mayes

Mrs Baker

Mrs Blundell

Miss Bretton

Mrs R Robson

Mrs Steeples

Mrs Sowerby (parent support advisor)


Admin staff

Mrs Short

Mrs Burton


School Governors

Mr P Haworth – chairperson and safeguarding

Mrs P Dutton – health and safety risk

Mr S Kaufman – Head teacher