Sports Premium

Sport Premium Overview

At Queens Road Academy we believe PE & Sport plays an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

We have welcomed the Government’s announcement in June 2013 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our young people.

Allocations have been calculated using data from the January 2016 school census. All schools with 17 or more primary aged pupils receive a lump sum of £8,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil. Smaller schools receive £500 per pupil. The last grant Queens Road Academy received was to the value of £8925 (2017)

In Summer 2016 Queens Road was also fortunate to receive a National Lotteries grant to further promote school sporting opportunity. This has enabled access to organised sport every lunchtime.

Total no. of primary aged pupils between the ages of 5-11 (Jan 2017)

185 Pupils

Compulsory School age (No. Of Full time Equivalent 209 pupils)
Total amount of Sport Premium Grant forecast 2017-18


What does the Sport Premium mean for my School?

‘Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this’ (DfE June 2013).

At Queens Road Academy we have split up the funding by the three key areas for consideration; Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and Competitive Sport. We have decided to spend the Sport Premium Grant on the following:


Raising standards of all our children  in Physical Education

  Physical Education:
  Raising standards of all our children in Physical Education
 Objectives Outcomes
To increase teaching staff subject knowledge and confidence in PE. This is done through the employment of a sports leader.
  • Sports leader delivering high quality PE lessons
  • Staff undertaking further higher education in sport
  • Support staff developing greater range of strategies to enhance PE lessons and pupil provision in sport
  • Wider number of school staff able to deliver quality PE session (Inc support staff)
  • Sport leader able to develop own skills , knowledge through Sports leader network meetings
Provide opportunities for swimming so that all pupils have opportunity to basic proficiency in swimming by Year 6
  • Year 3 pupils have access to a block of swimming lessons to attempt to attain 25mtrs. Pupils who do not reach this have an additional opportunity when they reach Year 6 to attain this benchmark.

In Year 6 2017 there were a vast majority who could swim 25mtrs by the end of the booster. (This was not the case in 2014)


  Healthy Active Lifestyles:
  Ensuring all our children have access to regular exercise
 Objectives Outcomes

To increase activity levels at breaks and lunchtimes

To provide Assistant Head Teacher opportunity to drive Healthy Schools agenda

  • Employment of new Lunch Time supervisors to set up and deliver new lunch time clubs. Increase of 2 from 2015
  • Lunchtime pupil play leader award training Autumn 2017 (Year 5 and 6)
  • Range of lunchtime club opportunities including sport, Teamactive, eco, gardening)
  • Imagination gaming training completed 2015. Active minds during wet lunchtimes.

Break-time equipment managed by playground leaders – leading to enhanced use and resulting lower behavioural issues

Order placed for fixed playground activity frame – due Winter 2018


Introduction of healthy start to school day through promoting magic breakfast
  • Average daily attendance of ¼ of school population, this has maintained from 2015
  • Improved target group attendance
  • Reduced pupil lateness – especially target families
  • Reduced number of hungry pupils

Also linked to pupil premium funding stream


  Competitive School Sport:
Increasing pupils’ participation in extra-curricular sport
Objectives Outcomes
To increase the amount of competitive sport opportunities for pupils
  • A school competition calendar developed with the St Marys Academy Trust in place
  • Schools own Leader of Sport employed to run intra-school competitions with and beyond St. MAry’s Academy Trust
  • KS1 mini Olympics Autumn 2017
  • KS2 Winter Athletics Autumn 2017
  • Cricket competition Summer 2018
  • KS2 Football competition 2018
Increase opportunity to develop strategic thinking – Attendance to second Trust based imagination gaming event. (Joint 3rd Place out of 7 schools)
 English Institute of Sport Sheffield (EIS) School sports day
  • All school event, feedback from staff and parents more positive in organisation. Parent attendance increased. Full coaches booked

Upper school aspiration increased through seeing/training in same facility world class athletes

 Increase opportunities for school sport beyond the standard school day In place : (Linked to pupil voice)

  • Autumn term 2017 Quick cricket KS2
  • Autumn Term 2017 Dance KS1 + 2
  • Multi-sports
  • Football club
  • Gymnastics Club
  • Fitness wellbeing club
  • Dance competition practice club
  • Team Active sports are managed through the Lottery funding

To read this years Sport spending review – click the link here: Sports Document 2017/2018

To read last years Sport spending review   – click the link here: Sports document 2016/2017