Achievement and attainment

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Early Years:


At the end of Year 1, all pupils take a phonics screening check. Pupils who do not achieve the expected standard at the end of Year 1 have a chance to retake the test in Year 2. The chart below shows how our pupils performed in phonics compared with schools nationally.


Phonics Year 1 and Year 2:


This year, pupils in Years 2 and 6 were tested under a new set of assessment measures. At the end of the year, pupils were assessed as either working at the new expected standard or working at a higher level within the expected standard.

For reading, writing and maths in Year 6, each school was also awarded a progress score. A score of 0 or more means the school is performing as well or better than other similar schools nationally. A score of less than 0 means the year group as a whole did not make as much progress as similar schools nationally.

Key Stage 1 – Year 2

KS1 Combined

KS1 Reading/Writing and mathematics










Year 6 exit 2016:


School National School
% of pupils working at the expected standard % of pupils working at a higher level % of pupils working at the expected standard % of pupils working at a higher level

Average progress score


Reading, writing and maths combined 55% 0% 53% 5%
Reading 69 23 71 24 +2.4
Writing 65 8 76 18 +1.5
Maths 39 8 75 23 -1.8
GaPS 77 31 77 31

The average score in 2017 Reading test was 102 (100 is the national expected score)

The average score in 2016 Maths test was 98.2



National comparisons are taken from first release data and are subject to change.