School Community

Working Together

We believe that progress is greatest when school and parents work together to ensure the best outcomes for the children. Regular reports each term provide carers and parents with information on pupils’ progress and attainment. You are always able to make appointment to discuss your child’s progress directly with the teacher.

There is an active Parents, Teachers and Friends Association, who are supporting the school in fundraising and community events.
We have good town centre links and embrace all the benefits that this brings e.g. links with Barnsley football academy training centre.


Queens Road Academy, Parents, Teachers and Friends Association.

Have you ever felt like lending school a hand?  Our group of brilliant community collegues have helped the school raise much needed funds and provided support. This ensures that as a school, the children get the very best of experiences. For example, recent funds have made it possible to book a whole school Christmas show.

If you think that you would like to contribute to the P.T.F.A in a small or large way then please contact the school office. We would love you to join our growing community.

Call the office: 01226 737010